Welcome to my new lair!

Welcome to my new lair!

Greetings everyone!
I am so pleased to welcome you all to my new and shiny site! :)
I've been twisting my elf brain, working hard on creating a more enchanting web page/store that better resonates with my vision and and vibe - hopefully you all will find it to be a cozy place to visit!

Not only will this function as my store, where I sell my artwork as usual, but I will also be blogging (like this!) and sharing more of my life and art with you all!
You are more than welcome to interact and comment on these blogs as I'd love to hear your thoughts and get to know my acorn army (that's what I'm calling you all) <3
Eventually I also hope to be adding YouTube videos on this very platform!
The adventure (and creative outbursts)  has just begun!

(This is my crazy inspired artist face)
(This is my crazy-inspired artist face)

Thank you for stopping by my wee site and visiting my blog!
Until next time <3