Tathariel Creations


Mushling (Pendant or Brooch)

A whimsical, hand-sculpted mushroom with loads intricate, realistic details and a shiny finish!

Bring a wee bit of the fantasy world with you, wherever you may wander!

The Mushling is very sturdy and lightweight, and is safe to be worn on the wildest quests and adventures! (Rumors has it they bounce around at nightfall, so keep your eyes on it) ;)

-Materials: Epoxy resin, paint, brass
-Mushling dimensions are approx 7 cm long, 4.5 cm wide
-Handcrafted in Norway with lots of love and a wee bit of magic!
-World wide shipping
-Comes gift wrapped

Please keep in mind that every Mushling is hand made and hand painted, and will have slight variations in color and finish. 

Custom Colors orders: please allow 1-2 weeks before shipping.